How do different financial institutions approach non-financial information and ESG issues when considering tropical forestry companies and supply chains exposed to timber, pulp and paper products sourced from tropical regions?

To illustrate the variety of approaches which are available to financial sector stakeholders, ZSL is curating a series of case studies in collaboration with financial institutions.

Each case study focuses on a stakeholder type, from private equity to asset management and banking, or on a different use of ESG information (due diligence and benchmarking, engagement, impact activities). By detailing the rationale for considering the sector from an ESG perspective (climate, biodiversity, local communities and indigenous peoples’ rights…) or approaches to integrating disclosures and other ESG information, these case studies will help the reader identify key ESG risks and issues and opportunities to mitigate them in a sector specific fashion.

These case studies are directed at financial sector practitioners and forestry sector stakeholders and aim to promote increased transparency and drive adoption and implementation of best practice on the ground.

Further case studies will be published in the first quarter of 2021. All case studies will be available in English, French, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia.