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Featured updates:

Oil palm and biodiversity: Company commitments and reporting in 2020

Annabelle Dodson, Eleanor Spencer, David Johnston

London, UK

Unsustainable palm oil production plays a significant role in biodiversity loss in tropical forests, and this must be a focus area for both the industry and its stakeholders to remedy. In order to do this, palm oil companies and their…

Timber and pulp companies failing to report on commitments to Indigenous peoples and local communities

Sam Ginger | David Johnston

London, UK

Assessment summary: ZSL (Zoological Society of London) is calling on the world’s leading timber and pulp companies to overhaul their commitments to local and indigenous communities and biodiversity conservation, as they release their annual assessment of 100 of the…

Latest news:

Thematic Guide to Free, Prior & Informed Consent (FPIC)

Oliver Cupit

London, UK

Setting a clear free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) policy is a vital step for organisations to demonstrate that they commit to avoiding adverse impacts on indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLC) groups. Download guide This guide is designed…

Consultancy Position: Spatial data analyst

Eleanor Spencer

London, UK

Consultancy Position: Spatial data analyst ZSL’s Sustainable Business and Finance programme is seeking a consultant to support on spatial data analysis and reporting. The consultant will lead on the development of the team’s HCV screening project, including incorporation of SPOTT…

Exploring Collective Bargaining Agreements in the Palm oil sector – A research report by CNV

Clara Melot

London, UK

Issues associated with labour rights (such as health and safety problems, low wages, lack of contracts, and high production targets that require long working days) are widespread in the palm oil sector. Meanwhile, the trade union culture is not very…

Open Timber Portal and SPOTT: Raising the bar for corporate disclosure in Gabon

Oliver Cupit

London, UK

In April 2021, the World Resources Institute’s Open Timber Portal (OTP) launched its first transparency rankings of forestry producers in Gabon, aimed at incentivising companies to disclose evidence that they are operating in compliance with forest management legislation. ZSL attended…

Congo Basin countries move toward a timber export ban

Armstrong Mba

Yaounde, Cameroon

Following the virtual intergovernmental conference of ministers from Congo Basin countries, a communique was released, agreeing a log export ban covering seven of the member nations of the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC). This group includes Cameroon,…

Keeping track of companies’ commitments to the environment

Philippa Oppenheimer

London, UK

Deforestation due to commodity production, most famously, palm oil, has gained increased public awareness over recent years. The commodity’s production has been a dominant force in wildlife declines seen in many countries, particularly in Southeast Asia. However, with the product’s…

Company selection updates for 2021 SPOTT Palm Oil assessments

Annabelle Dodson

London, UK

SPOTT assesses the most impactful producers, processors and traders in the palm oil sector on their public disclosure regarding the organisation, policies and practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Assessed companies are reviewed on an annual basis…

ZSL report reveals COVID-19 impact on natural rubber producers

Sam Ginger

London, UK

Assessment summary Smallholder producers of natural rubber are seeing greater impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic than larger producers, according to latest analysis by ZSL (Zoological Society of London) of the world’s most significant natural rubber producers and processors. Despite…

Tropical Timber: A Guide to Responsible Sourcing and Financing

Charlie Hammans

London, UK

Timber has been a vital resource for thousands of years and serves many functions. When produced at industrial scale, timber is harvested either through exploitation of areas of naturally occurring forest (natural forest management) or through forest areas expressly planted…

Sustainable finance and tropical forestry: a series of financial institution case studies

Clara Melot

London, UK

How do different financial institutions approach non-financial information and ESG issues when considering tropical forestry companies and supply chains exposed to timber, pulp and paper products sourced from tropical regions? To illustrate the variety of approaches which are available to…

SPOTT is a ZSL initiative.
Zoological Society of London (ZSL)