The Supporter Network enables commodity supply chain stakeholders to promote corporate sustainability through public support of SPOTT’s approach. Supporters lend their voice to SPOTT by making a simple and inclusive statement:

“We support SPOTT’s call for increased transparency in commodity sectors to promote sustainable production and trade.”

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Our supporters

By adding weight to the SPOTT initiative, supporters can help incentivise assessed companies to meet stakeholder expectations and increase transparency. Ultimately, both SPOTT and its supporters can leverage the influence of the Supporter Network, and amplify calls for companies to adopt best practices.


Drive change

  • Be part of our company engagement process by publicly supporting SPOTT
  • Make your organisation’s name part of the business case for increased transparency
  • Add your voice to that of other supporters to multiply impact


  • Demonstrate institutional positions
  • Be recognised as a supporter on the SPOTT website
  • Gain opportunities to contribute to SPOTT calls to action (e.g. press releases, report contributions) on a voluntary basis


  • Access and unpack sector-specific learning
  • Receive reports on industry progress
  • Meet with the SPOTT team and receive bespoke guidance on request
  • Access staff training and capacity-building opportunities

The Supporter Network is open to supply chain stakeholders committed to supporting sustainable commodity production and trade.

This includes:

  • Asset owners, asset managers, and banks
  • Financial industry associations/sustainability initiatives
  • Research and data providers
  • Producer and consumer goods manufacturers
  • Retailers
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Auditors and consultancies
  • Academic institutions
  • Media organisations

Joining the supporter network is entirely free; organisations are simply requested to provide their endorsement to SPOTT.

To maintain our independence in carrying out SPOTT assessments of upstream commodity producers and traders, all companies assessed on SPOTT, including their parent companies or subsidiaries, are not eligible to join the Supporter Network. Upstream companies such as producers, processors and traders will be allowed to join only if they are not assessed on SPOTT and do not own (nor are they owned by) any SPOTT-assessed companies.

To join the Supporter Network, an organisation must have a legitimate interest in and a demonstrated commitment to the promotion of transparency, sustainability and engagement in commodity supply chains. ZSL reserves the right to decide what constitutes a “legitimate interest” or “demonstrated commitment” and to restrict access to the Supporter Network accordingly.

Please contact our team to express your organisation’s interest in joining the Supporter Network.