Contact the team behind SPOTT — ZSL’s Business and Biodiversity Programme (in alphabetical order):

Oliver Cupit

Oliver Cupit joined ZSL in 2019 as SPOTT Manager after spending over 5 years working at sustainability consultancy NEPCon. He has experience in responsible sourcing of timber and paper products, including provision of advice to companies on how to meet the EU Timber Regulation as well as FSC certification. Oliver has experience in auditing of timber product manufacturers, developing and delivering training courses on responsible sourcing, and has delivered services and training in the Solomon Islands, China, Malaysia and Vietnam, as well as across Europe. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Sustainable Tropical Forestry from Copenhagen and Padova Universities.


Annabelle Dodson

Annabelle Dodson joined ZSL in 2016 as Business and Biodiversity Engagement Coordinator. Her current role as SPOTT Research Coordinator involves assisting the Palm Oil Technical Advisor on company research, assessments and engagement, as well as the development of SPOTT’s database and indicator framework. She has previous experience working in Malaysia as a sustainability consultant and has volunteered with London Sustainability Exchange as well as on other field conservation projects. She has a BSc in Geology and Biology and an MSc in Environmental Diagnosis and Management from Royal Holloway, University of London.


Michael Guindon

Michael Guindon joined ZSL in 2018 as Palm Oil Technical Advisor. He manages the palm oil component of SPOTT, including related research methodologies and engagement approaches. He also represents ZSL in external initiatives – including the RSPO Board of Governors and RSPO BHCV Working Group – and regularly engages with palm oil companies. Michael has worked in various capacities to improve agricultural commodity sustainability – including at Global Canopy, WWF-International, and Radboud University in the Netherlands. Prior to this he coordinated natural resource management projects for the Canadian government. Michael has an MSc in Environment and Resource Management from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and an Honours BSc in Geography from the University of Victoria.

Charlie Hammans

Charlie Hammans leads our timber and pulp workstream as the Forestry Technical Advisor, managing activities across Cameroon, Gabon, Republic of Congo, China, and Indonesia. Charlie joined ZSL in the summer of 2019 in the Palm Oil team before transitioning to the forestry team. Before joining ZSL, Charlie worked with various human rights initiatives, with a focus on securing land rights for indigenous peoples. His most recent role was as a Project Officer for the Central African Republic and Republic of Congo at Forest Peoples Programme. He has a BA in History and French from the University of Bristol, and an MA in Human Rights from University College London. Charlie speaks English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. 



Clara Melot

Clara Melot joined ZSL in 2016 as SPOTT Engagement and Impacts Manager. Her role within SPOTT is to lead on engagement with the finance sector, consumer goods manufacturers and other user groups relevant to the impact of SPOTT. Clara has an MA in Marketing and Advertising from La Sorbonne University, through which she gained experience in the corporate partnerships department of WWF-France. She then obtained an MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation from the London School of Economics and went on to join the Climate and Forests team at ClientEarth where she spent three years working on DFID projects (Forest Governance, Markets and Climate) as a Project Officer.

Claire Salisbury

Claire Salisbury joined ZSL in 2018 as Business and Biodiversity Engagement Coordinator. Her role involves contributing to the Business and Biodiversity Programme’s communications and to SPOTT website and social media content. She also undertakes company assessments for both the palm oil and timber and pulp sectors. Prior to joining ZSL, Claire was a regular contributor to Mongabay as a freelance writer, and a volunteer and communications consultant with the Asian elephant conservation charity Elephant Family. She has an MSc in Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology from the University of Exeter, and a PhD from the University of Oxford, focusing on the diversity and ecology of Amazon birds.

Caroline Sourzac-Lami

Caroline Sourzac-Lami joined ZSL in 2018 as SPOTT Research Coordinator to contribute to SPOTT’s expansion in the tropical timber and pulp sectors. Her role involves conducting research and assessments, engaging with companies, and assisting the team in the development of SPOTT’s indicator framework. Caroline has experience working on rivers management, ecosystem services, international development and the environmental impacts of food consumption. She has a Masters in Environmental Policy from Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs and a BSc in Physics from Sorbonne University, Paris 6.

Eleanor Spencer

Eleanor Spencer re-joined ZSL in 2018, as SPOTT Engagement and Impacts Coordinator. Her role involves engagement with the finance sector and other SPOTT user groups, as well as supporting on company assessment. She originally worked in the SPOTT team from 2015-16 on both assessments and engagement, and has also worked at Global Canopy in Oxford, with a focus on the supply chains of soy and cattle products originating from South America. Eleanor has a BSc in Wildlife Conservation from the University of Kent (DICE), and an MSc in Biodiversity, Conservation and Management from the University of Oxford, through which she focused on seaweed supply chain governance in the Philippines.


Eszter Wainright-Déri

Eszter Wainwright-Déri joined ZSL’s EDGE of Existence Programme in 2014, before transferring to the SPOTT team in 2015. As SPOTT Research Coordinator her role involves assessing companies, analysing data, and developing indicators and the database for both palm oil and timber and pulp sectors. She previously worked at RGB Kew on the integration of complex databases and at Friends of the Earth Hungary where she coordinated projects on sustainability and biodiversity conservation. Eszter has an MSc in Conservation Ecology from Szent István University and a PhD in Environmental Sciences from University of Debrecen focusing on better understanding the impacts of conservation management on biodiversity of grasslands.

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