Gain insights on investing in forestry and responsible practices to support sustainability. Download ZSL’s investor brief on forestry.

ZSL’s latest investor brief on forestry provides an insightful overview of the opportunities and risks associated with investing in forestry. The report highlights the increasing global demand for timber and the potential benefits of investing in real assets such as forests. However, investing in forestry also comes with significant risks related to communities and biodiversity, which need to be carefully considered. The brief provides valuable insights into the key considerations for responsible investors in the forestry sector and the importance of maintaining natural capital while seeking additional returns.

The report also examines industry trends, including the rise in demand for engineered wood products for construction and the use of remote sensing and digital traceability systems. Carbon offsets are having a growing impact on forests as more companies and individuals look to carbon offset programs linked to forests to meet their climate goals. However, effective policies and oversight are necessary to ensure that the assets used for carbon offsets are fulfilling their intended purpose, with transparent and clear accounting practices that allow offset users and policymakers to easily verify the validity of offset claims.

Overall, ZSL’s investor brief on forestry provides valuable insights into the opportunities and risks associated with investing in this sector, as well as the importance of responsible investment practices to support sustainable development.

Thanks to Responsible Alpha for their valuable input in the creation of this brief.