SPOTT’s technical advisory groups provide guidance on its development, including the design and function of the indicator frameworks and the selection of companies for assessment. Advisors do not conduct assessments; these are undertaken only by the SPOTT team at ZSL.

Technical advisory group participation does not imply direct endorsement of any assessment result.

ZSL would like to thank the following experts for contributing to the development of SPOTT:

Palm oil:

  • Abigail Herron, Aviva Investors
  • Ben Ridley, Credit Suisse
  • Gabriel Thoumi, Climate Advisers / Chain Reaction Research
  • Geraldine Lim, Rabobank
  • Hilde Jervan, Etikkrådet
  • Mark Mills, Generation IM
  • Naasir Roomanay, Investec
  • Paul Chandler, PRI
  • Peter wan der Werf, Robeco
  • Robert Zuehlke, Daemeter
  • Yulia Kurniawan, Unilever

Timber, pulp and paper:

  • Abigail Herron,‎ Aviva Investors
  • Andy Roby, Independent Forestry Advisor
  • Elizabeth Kennedy, ISEAL Alliance
  • Emily Unwin, ClientEarth
  • Jamie Lawrence, Kingfisher
  • Judy Rodrigues, NEPCon
  • Julia Young, WWF
  • J T Lee, Credit Suisse
  • Marieke Abcouwer, ABN Amro
  • Richard Donovan, Rainforest Alliance
  • Seiji Kawazoe, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank
  • Sylvia Giezeman, ACTIAM