On Thursday 1 March 2018, representatives of financial institutions will be previewing SCRIPT, the Soft Commodity Risk Platform, launched by Global Canopy in partnership with WWF and Ceres, and with the support of CDP and ZSL’s SPOTT as data partners.

SCRIPT currently hosts two tools, the Policy Benchmarking Tool to assess the strength of policies against peers, and the Portfolio Risk Tool to screen for highest risk clients and issue areas. The platform helps users perform rapid assessments of risk exposure and efficient mitigation planning based on innovative company datasets.

SCRIPT, a Global Canopy initiative, offers a breadth coverage of around 1,000 companies, complemented by data partner SPOTT’s in-depth assessments of companies in the palm oil and forestry sectors. Global Canopy, ZSL and other SCRIPT partners have joined forces to help financial institutions understand and mitigate deforestation risks associated with financing companies in soft commodity supply chains.

If you would like to find out more about the launch, please email scriptmail@globalcanopy.org.

For more information visit www.script.finance

Banner image credit: Wakx on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA 2.0