SPOTT assesses the most impactful producers, processors, and manufacturers in the natural rubber sector on their public disclosure regarding the organisation, policies and practices related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. 

Assessed companies are reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that their inclusion continues to align with this aim and with the needs of our users. The review process includes desktop research as well as consultation with our Technical Advisory Groups.  

One company to be removed from SPOTT in 2024 

SIAT Group will be removed this year because it has sold most of its natural rubber landbank. All previous assessments of SIAT Group will remain accessible through the SPOTT website.  

One company to be included on SPOTT in 2024 

In line with our company selection process, we have identified Hartalega Holdings Bhd as an impactful company to assess based on nominations from stakeholders, a 1.5bn USD market capitalisation, annual production of 44bn gloves, media allegations of poor practices, presence of a company website, and location of operations in a country of significance for natural rubber production (Malaysia). ZSL has notified the selected company regarding their forthcoming assessment on SPOTT. 

Other developments 

ZSL also revises the SPOTT indicator framework each year to ensure its continual alignment with corporate reporting best practice.  

  • Two new indicators assessing the number (#29) and location (#30) of manufacturing facilities have been added.  
  • Indicators relating to GHG emissions have been updated to include absolute emissions targets and reporting, reporting on scope 1 and 2 emissions, and a new indicator (#106) has been added relating to scope 3 emissions for land use change. 
  • A new indicator (#178) relating to deforestation and conversion-free (DCF) supply chains has been added. 

Additionally, the SPOTT methodology has been improved. Each commodity framework on SPOTT has surpassed 180 indicators, therefore, to alleviate some of the reporting pressure on assessed companies any new indicators will not be scored until their second year of inclusion on SPOTT.  

In year 1, new indicators will appear in the framework and analysts will collect any publicly available information to assess the indicator, but no score will be allocated. In year 2, companies will be assessed and scored on those indicators introduced in the previous year.  

In effect, this gives companies additional time to identify gaps in their reporting and make improvements to their disclosures. 

Update – January 2024

Indicator #174 ‘Proportion of direct and indirect supply from third-parties that comes from natural rubber plantations which are compliant with natural rubber sourcing policies’ was deleted in 2024. New indicators assessing supply chain compliance reporting with more narrow criteria will replace it in the future. One example of reporting is #177.