ZSL currently assesses the environmental, social and governance public disclosure and commitments of 15 producers and processors of natural rubber on its SPOTT platform. In 2022, ZSL will expand in scope to assess an additional 15 companies incorporating, for the first time, downstream supply chain actors such as tyre and glove manufacturers.

The tyre industry consumes 70% of natural rubber production, making tyre manufacturers a crucial point of leverage for transforming sustainability practices and transparency across the supply chain. Policies and actions from these companies can significantly influence suppliers, to make sustainability best-practice mainstream and potentially improve the lives of the smallholders who represent 85% of natural rubber production.

Additionally, glove makers experienced a surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic that is expected to fuel market growth for years. Some of the largest companies have recently been linked to workers’ rights abuses resulting in temporary import bans, highlighting the potential financial, regulatory, and reputational risks to their downstream buyers and their financiers.

The additional companies were selected using the SPOTT methodology, which considers the scale of operations, allegations of bad practice, operations in priority countries and nominations from stakeholders. By including more downstream actors in SPOTT assessments, we aim to highlight their important influence within the supply chain, and enhance the call for greater transparency of policies, operations and progress towards sustainability targets in the natural rubber sector.

Newly selected companies (in alphabetical order)

Click here to see the 15 producers and processors already assessed on SPOTT.

ZSL has attempted to notify the selected companies regarding their forthcoming assessment on SPOTT. The assessments of 30 natural rubber producers, processors and manufacturers will begin in November, and we will contact companies with their draft assessments in January/February, providing them with the opportunity to make further disclosures ahead of the final review and publication of assessments. Final assessments will be published on SPOTT in March 2022.