This page provides a range of case studies from different stakeholders throughout the supply chain, from producers to consumers, policy makers and financiers.


This page provides a range of case studies including what some growers are doing to reduce their environmental impacts, such as Agropalma’s Forest Patrol Programme, as well as initiatives for growers and millers like Wild Asia’s Biodiversity for Busy Managers (B4BM).


This page provides case studies regarding the supply chain of palm oil, such as an interview with New Britain Palm Oil discussing the development of their segregated supply chain, and some case studies by GreenPalm, an alternative short term option to support sustainable palm oil production without any changes to the existing supply chains.


This page provides case study examples of retailers including an interview with Sainsbury’s discussing the issues they faced when working towards their sustainable palm oil sourcing target, as well as sustainable palm oil programmes that retailers have implemented, such as Marks and Spencer’s Plan A.


This case study looks at how the finance sector can play its part in contributing to the sustainable production of palm oil, demonstrated by Credit Suisse’s policy to ensure that they only finance or advise reputable forestry and agribusiness companies with a record of responsible management of environmental and social issues relating to their operations.


The case studies presented here include NGOs that are working to raise awareness of the impacts of unsustainable palm oil production, such as Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, or are working directly with the industry to develop methods to reduce these negative impacts, such as Flora and Fauna International (FFI).


Last updated: 12/05/2016